Ford EFI Crank Trigger 385 series (429/460), FE (390/428)

Ford EFI Crank Trigger 385 series (429/460), FE (390/428)
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Price starting at: $345.00

  • No trigger Wheel. Hub Only ($-50.00)
  • Hub Not Anodized ($-30.00)

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Fits all Ford 385 series (460/429) and FE (390/428) engines that are internally balanced. This kit installs behind your harmonic balancer by replacing your harmonic balancer spacer. The 36-1 gear has multiple mounting positions to allow for a variety of sensor positions.
Works with ECUs that can accept a 36-1 trigger. Use the HAL or VR sensor that is recommended by your ECU manufacturer.
Note: When finally assembling the trigger wheel to the spacer use a Red lock tight liquid such as loctite 271 or 272. Failure to do so will allow the bolts to loosen.

Kit includes:

  • 36-1 steel Trigger Wheel and mounting bolts.
  • Trigger wheel Harmonic balancer spacer Hub.