Torqeedo 1003 Security Kit

Torqeedo 1003 Security Kit
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Price starting at: $125.00

  • Lifting Loops ($10.00)
  • Painted white ($100.00)
  • 10ft coated 3/16 SS cable with end eyes ($80.00)
  • ABUS combination and key locks ($45.00)

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Secures your Torqeedo 1003 battery and tiller to the base of the torqeedo motor with one component and the base to the transom of the dingy with a second component. The kit includes:

  • Torqeedo Motor cradle
  • Transom screw cradle

To remove the motor from the dingy simply unlock the transom lock. To remove the battery just unlock the motor lock and slip off the securing cradle.