Learn to weld in a hands on environment

We offer welding classes and private tutoring welding with MIG and TIG

Our classes are geared toward the novice welder that wants to get better or a someone that has never welded before. All classes are hands on from the minute we begin. The only way to learn to weld is to do it. Once you get a bit practiced at the basics then start to learn the theory if so desired.

We offer Sessions at our Foxboro location by appointment.
We cap sessions at a maximum of 3 people. We feel more dilute the experience.

Session Cost:

Per Hour$40 per person
2 hour block$70 per person
4 hour block$135 per person

We offer the use of:

  • Lincoln SP-175 MIG
  • Lincoln Precision TIG 275
  • Welding helmets.
Have a project in mind... Bring it along.

Contact Us to arrange your session: