1968 Mustang Fastback

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The Dragon is a 1968 Mustang Fast back that has been extensively customized. The owner raced NASCAR Late model stock cars for years and wanted to combine the feel and power of a race car with the classic looks of a Mustang. With that in mind we have built for him a tube chassis and placed the mustang body over that. Added a big engine and race car suspension.

It rides at 5 inches off the ground. The original wheel flares were moves up 7.5 inches to accomplish this. The transmission tunnel dominates the interior of this mustang so a console was designed to allow the dash to flow in-between the seats and to the back. A custom dash that gives the drive the feel of being in cockpit meant for business. A custom floor pan and wheel tubs were created to contain the 274 R15 tires in the front and the 315 R15 tires in the back.

Power comes form a Ford 547 big block with Jon Kasse P51 heads, and our EFI system. Offsetting the weight of the big engine was on our minds as we moved the engine to be located behind the front cross member. Of course this forced the moving of the fire wall back to the windshield base. To contain such power we used a tremac TKO-600 5 speed and a Speedway Engineering Quick change.


  • 1968 Fastback slamed to the ground
  • 1967 Nose and Hood
  • 1967 Quarter panel Vent opeings with custom functional grills
  • 1965 Fastback Sail Panel Louvers
  • 1965 Thunder Bird Tail light lens flush mounted in the 68 taillight panel.
  • Aluminum fire wall
  • Aluminum Transmission tunnel
  • Aluminum Dash
  • Aluminum Rear packing shelf
  • Aluminum trunk floor

Front Suspension

  • lower struts with Upper A-Arms
  • Sweet modified racing spindles
  • Hypercoil Coilover springs
  • Pro coilover racing shocks
  • Speedway Engineering Sway Bar
  • Appleton Power steering Rack

Rear Suspension

  • 3 point design
  • Hoffman Torque Absorber
  • Hypercoil Coilover springs
  • Pro coilover racing shocks
  • Speedway Engineering Sway Bar

Drive Train

  • Ford 547 Big Block
  • Tremac TKO-600 5 Speed
  • Speedway Engineering Super Max Quick Change
  • Fuel Safe 16 Gallon Fuel Cell