This EFI system designed for the ford 385 series (429, 460, 514 ect) engines where hood clearance is critical. The intake manifold is designed to be no taller than a BBF engine equipped with 4" valve covers.


  • Low Profile
  • Distributor-less ignition using HAL effect 36-1 crank Trigger
  • Sequential Fuel Injection
  • Cam Shaft Synchronizer
  • EV6 injectors
  • AN10 fuel rails
  • Front Throttle body with TPS
  • GM Style IAC Valve
  • 2 Temperature sensor ports. for Gauge, and ECU
  • 3 bar MAP sensor
  • GM 4 wire IAC valve

To reduce the amount of fabrication a SpeedMaster Blower Base Manifold is used as a starting place. The manifold has had injector bungs welded into the base and 2 extra temp sensor ports created.

A sheet metal plenum bolts to the manifold. The plenum has a removable top, provision for attaching the MAP sensor and the mounting tabs for the fuel rails on the outside. The front of the plenum has a flange prepared to accept the IAC valve and a Wilson 105mm Throttle body.

The fuel rails are machined to accept 14mm injectors. You can get a drill bit that drills the two fuel rail port steps in one operation. It is available from Ross Machine racing part # RMR-064.

Components used for this setup

Component Source Part # Where To Buy
MS3-Pro Standalone ECU with 8 foot wiring harness DIYAutoTune MS3Pro-PKG1
Camshaft Synchronizer Dragon Fabrication DF200101
Crank Sensor/Trigger Kit Dragon Fabrication DF200102
Inglese Manifold Base Inglese Product Store NG1915
FAST Precision-Flow Fuel Injectors, 85 lbs./hr., High Impedance, EV6/USCAR Style, LS7, Set of 8 UPR Products FST-30857-8
Injector Connector - Bosch EV6 DIYAutoTune InjConn-EV6
Fuel Rail -10 an Stock Ross Machine Racing RMR-020
Injector Bungs Ross Machine Racing RMR-027
GM Closed Element Temp Sensor (CLT) DIYAutoTune CLTIATwConn
GM Open Element Temp Sensor (IAT) DIYAutoTune IATwConn
Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) 3Bar Sensor DIYAutoTune GM3bar-map
MAP Sensor connector DIYAutoTune GM3bar_conn
Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor
105mm Throttle Body - 4.250 OD Wilson Manifolds 471105
105mm Throttle Body Gasket Wilson Manifolds 840105
GM Style IAC Valve
GM Style IAC Valve Connector
Ford Style TPS with Ford round connector Wilson Manifolds 481003
Throttle Cable Bracket w/Return Spring Wilson Manifolds 481100
SX Fuel Pump SX-18203
SX Fuel Pressure Regulator SX-15402
SX Fuel Filter SX-41002
Single Tower Race Ignition Coil DIYAutoTune IGN-1A
Ignition Coil Connector DIYAutoTune IGN-1A