Ford EFI Camshaft Synchronizer 460/429 351c/351w

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Also known as a cam sensor or cam position sensor, this low profile sensor is for engines running a distributor-less ignition(DIS). Allows for Coil on plug (COP) or multiple coil applications based on the capabilities of your ECU.

  • Fits these Ford engines:
    • Ford 429/460 385 Series engine
    • Ford 351c Cleavland Engine.
    • Ford 351w Windsor Engine. Select the 351w gear option.
  • MSD Bronze gear installed
  • Installed height of less then three(3) inches
  • Ford OEM HAL effect sensor components for reliability
  • Correct 5/16 oil pump drive for the 460/429/351c/351w engines
  • Installation Alignment tool included